Nicole Lynne Hooley

About Cole

Intuitive & Spiritual Guide


I am Cole

I am a lover of wisdom, truth and beauty. My goal in this lifetime is to transform my personal pain and suffering into golden treasures of empowerment that hopefully serve others. I love to write and am not afraid of my lack of skill at it. I am a lover. I am a dedicated student of the school that is life. I am a yogini, a reluctant healer, a teacher, a guide, a goddess and most of all a friend. I am the byproduct of self love. I am empowered. I love to feel and see inner power and mindful awareness reflected in others. I am an empath. I feel through life and refuse to shut off my preceptors to the world. I am free of dogma. I am committed to enjoying my life and sharing in experience with others. I am spiritual. I am grounded. I love the earth. I believe that the whole is healed from within. I believe that we are all one. I believe that I am you and you are me. I am here to live life intuitively. 

Cole's offerings come from her connection to source and her personal journey toward wholistic healing and self empowerment. She takes from her Reiki practice, a lifelong astrological education, her background in philosophy & religion, over half a decade of teaching yoga asana, a foundational understanding Ayurvedic Food Science and Chinese medicine, as well as her intuitive wisdom. Her goal is to create a sense of self-reliance in all of her clients. She wants to awaken the natural healing & empowerment process in as many people as she is blessed to work with. She believes in being guided by a personal awareness of subtle energy and does not follow any particular dogma or creed other than that which has organically risen from direct life experience. She believes that this process allows for one to live from a place of personal awareness and accountability, without harboring unnecessary shame and guilt.

Nicole's intention as a healing guide is to assist in releasing ancestral wounding and lifetime conditioning. Her goal is that through this subtle work, she and those who work with her can live their best lives and pass their blessings forward to those they love, the world and future generations.