Nicole Lynne Hooley

Glowing Heart Reiki 1, 2, 3 & Mastership in Brooklyn!


Attune Yourself to Universal Life Force Energy! Become a Channel for Reiki!

Your training was so refreshing against this backdrop. I loved the tone you set and the way you inserted your personal experiences and fielded questions. I think your style of leadership and facilitation and the way you walk the line between personal and professional is rare in this field, and so I just wanted to say thank you!
— Allison



Upcoming Dates: June 10th, 2018 at Root Mamma 10:30am-6:30PM


-The Reiki History
-The Reiki Principles
-Into to the 7 chakras as a GPS for healing
-How to sense Reiki as it flows
-How to treat yourself with Reiki
-How to infuse water & food with Reiki
-How to give a Reiki Treatment
-Reiki for Animals, Spaces and the World
-Intro to Energetic Hygiene Practices
-A private Reiki Attunement
-A Complimentary Vegan & Gluten Free Lunch

EXCHANGE: $222 | Sign Up

Glowing Heart Reiki Level 2: Healing Others


Upcoming Dates: July 1st, 2018 at Root Mamma from 10:30am-5:30pm


-3 Reiki Symbol Empowerment Teachings
-A lesson on healing beyond time & space
-How to send Distance Reiki
-Self healing for the Past & Future
(Please bring a photo of yourself from earlier in life
-Professional Reiki Treatment Advice
-Practice using advanced techniques
-Practice creating sacred space
-Auric & Boundary strengthening practices
-A private Reiki Attunement
-A complimentary Vegan & Gluten Free Lunch

EXCHANGE: $222 | Sign Up

Reiki Level 3(a): En(in)lightened Living


Upcoming Date:

Fall 2018 Date TBD

"There comes a point in the Reiki Journey where there is a profound desire to go deeper! This is the heart's call for the Master Symbol attunement. You of course are not a "Master" after a simple afternoon attunement intensive. What you have done though, is called in Self Mastery in this lifetime! The master symbol is for the practitioner. It helps to bring all the worlds, the realms, the vibrations into oneness. This level is an attunement toward connection to your inner source and light. This transition can feel awkward. It will take your body and mind some time to catch up with being attuned to the unified field. At this level a deepening of regular self practice slowly latches on, no matter how much we try and fight it." - Subtle Evolution Through Reiki, GHRS Blog


-A refresher on the teachings of Reiki 1 & 2
-Master Symbol Revealing & Empowerment Teaching
-Cultivating a Reiki Infused Perspective
-Daily Reiki Integration Techniques
-Calling in Self Mastery
-Activating Reiki in all areas of life
-Advanced Reiki Techniques
-A Private Master Symbol Attunement Ceremony
-A Personal Intuition Empowerment

*Practitioners will be Level 3 Certified after this course, and not yet a Reiki Master/Teacher.


Application Form

Reiki Master Teacher Training Apprenticeship


Mentorship & Training Program:
Fall 2018 Dates TBD

This half year long Reiki Master Mentorship program is designed to empower each graduate to start a Reiki Lineage all of their own. Each participant will work on developing a specialized focus to infuse with Reiki over their lifetime. The goal is to set up each participant to live from their heart and to welcome the healing and transformative power of Reiki into all areas of their lives (on and off the table). This program is for those who are ready to use Reiki to transform all areas of their life and for those who want to have the ability to attune people, animals and objects with reiki. 


-3 months of One-on-One Mentoring
-Two Reiki Session Trades with Nicole
-2 Reiki Master Guidance Sessions
-1 Group Training in cultivating Sacred Space & Passing Attunements in the GHRS Tradition
-The revealing of one Additional Symbol used only in Passing Attunements
-The revealing of Traditional & Non-Traditional Attunement Passing Techniques
-Group and individual practice in Passing Attunements
-Training on creating your Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 Lesson plan
-1 Reiki Infused Authenticity Project
-A Glowing Heart Reiki Master Profile
-A Lifetime of Glowing Heart Reiki Online-Resources Access
-Feedback & guidance during the training and beyond
-The option to sit in on any of Nicole's Future Reiki Trainings


Continue Reading for more info on Program Details....




Participants will receive their Reiki Master Certificate of Completion after teaching a
Reiki Level 1 Class to two or more students with Nicole present (for all or a portion). Each graduate will complete a Glowing Heart Passion Project that is grounded in creativity, authenticity, service to the highest good and so much more. Every graduate will show comfort in passing attunements, teaching about reiki and offering a traditional reiki treatment.  Each practitioner has up to 3 months to complete all one-on-one mentoring with Nicole and up to 6 months to complete all of Certification requirement.


-Completion of Reiki Level 1,2 &3 with Nicole*
-6 months personal experience with the Reiki 2 symbols
-Attendance to a min of 2 Reiki Shares & 2 Community Reiki events

-A consistent self healing Reiki & Meditation practice (perfection not necessary)
-An understanding of the personal & spiritual significance of committing to Reiki as a lifelong practice
-A deep desire to call Reiki into all areas of life
-A desire to attune others to reiki


Applications are now being accepted here

For more info please send an email including a heart centered intention for participating in the Reiki Master Program to Nicole at






*Price Does not include Reiki Level 3

Instalment Plan Available: 
6 Monthly Payments
(all fees must be paid in full prior to receiving Master Certificate) 

Reiki Master Training Value: up to $10,000

*Some exceptions can be made for Level 1 & 2, however, Level 3 with Nicole is required for this course. If you have done Reiki Level 1 & 2 elsewhere you can email Nicole at and set up a lineage bridge program.  Nicole will take time to assess where you are in your reiki practice, your understanding of the concepts and symbols, and offer you an attunement in the Glowing Heart Reiki lineage. This session will take 2 hours with the exchange of $188. 


>>Mastership Work Exchange Program


If even with the sliding scale and payment plan you feel that you are unable to afford both Reiki Level 3 & the Master Training 6 Month Apprenticeship there is the opportunity to offer work in exchange for a discount. This exchange would require honest (and timely) effort and work to help support the prosperity of the GHRS Lineage. 


  • 50% off for 44 hours of exchanged work (over a 7 month period).

  • 25% off for 22 hours of exchanged work (over a 7 month period).

To apply for the work exchange program email Nicole at

ALl work should be done keeping in mind the Reiki Principles:

"Just for today, I will do my work honestly"


>>Glowing Heart Reiki School
Mastership Program // 2018 Training Schedule:


Reiki Level 3: En(in)lightened Living (Group Workshop)

  • Sunday, March 4th 10:30-5:30PM

Reiki Level 4: Mastership Kick-Off (Group Workshop)

  • Sunday, April 1st from 10:30-5:30P

Reiki Level 4: Attunement Test (Group WOrkshop)

  • Sunday, May 27th 10:30-2:30P

Private Trades and Mentoring:

  • April 1-June 30st, 2018

    • Includes a total of 6 one hour long private sessions over a 3 month period
      2 Reiki Demo Trades (Student offer's Teacher Reiki)
      2 Reiki Sessions (Student receives Reiki from Teacher)
      2 Mentoring Sessions (Intuitive Guidance and Passion Project support from Teacher)

    • Sessions must be spread out to a minimum of two meeting dates. 
      Teacher (Nicole Lynne Hooley) Availability: Sunday 10-6PM / Monday 2-7PM /Tuesdays *by request only* / Thursday 1:30-8PM / Friday 10-8PM

Free Reiki 1 Class (Teaching Test)

  • Deadline, September 30, 2018 (sooner is better, this is the absolute cut off)

    • Minimum of 2 participants with Teacher present for a portion. 

    • Must find own location / Potential discounted space options and support available. 

Passion Project Launch Completion

  • Deadline, September 30th 2018

    • Should start work on from first Mentor Meeting

    • Mentoring Meetings can potentially take place prior to April 1st


>>To apply


Application Deadline: February 22nd 2018

Fill out the Reiki Level 3 & Mastership Intention Form to apply. 

Training Location
Glowing Heart Reiki School at Root Mamma
236 Richardson St #1B Brooklyn NY 11222